About Our Company


IMN – SimulTV

SimulTV was founded as a division of IMN Systems by Steven Turner in 2011.

SimulTV currently has over 130 live channels broadcasting, up to 4k quality streaming videos, thousands of movies on demand coming in the near future and even more channels with original content and channels that you will already recognize. We also have over 500 video games from classic to new and you can use any 802.11 wireless controller your own phone as a controller or we have a special controller that can be ordered with the set top box system. It is small enough to fit in your back pocket and you can save your game progress and move the device anywhere you would like. Our subscription also comes with the ability to connect 2 additional devices. Our service is available on all models of smart televisions as well as iPhone model phones and you can use our app on your Android device.


Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMN) strives to be a place that is fun to work, and a pleasure to work with. We view our content providers and customers as our partners, and our viewers as our board of directors. Without these folks IMN wouldn't be the success it is today. IMN has both hardware and cloud based services as well as a full line of products that will seamlessly integrate with your current broadcast workflow.


Our mission is to apply our corporate ingenuity and integrity to the delivery of a national and global Interconnected Entertainment Communication System. We will lead and help create innovation through the ongoing technological advancements of mankind. We will lead and help create innovation that inspires a world effort focusing on the highest standards of the 21st century. These are the foremost goals of IMN.


IMN was formed in 2011 by a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to make a difference in the OTT, IPTV. Pulling from their 44 years of combined media experience we set out to create a suite of services and products that will forever change the way digital content is distributed across the globe. With our team in place we have already made a tremendous impact in several sectors of television, original programming, VOD and gaming across the globe.


What Can SimulTV Do?

Our superior viewing experience is available on any web-enabled device, in any location, and with up to 60% less bandwidth than competing solutions

We have in development various B2B products/services including white label, interactive advertising and full production of entertainment events.

Our service is worldwide and can be enjoyed in any country, we are not limited by geographic restrictions.

Currently we have distributorship partners in Japan and soon to have a distributorship through out Asia and Africa with more coming around the world.

Our Set Top Box currently sells for $129.99 and our Subscription start as low as $6.99 per month.

Where Are We Headed?

Soon we will be launching our multi-platform chat experience more advanced than what we have had which means you can watch a movie, program or series with a loved one or friend, in real time, anywhere in the world on any device. This alone will set us apart from the rest on top of our already superior streaming quality, original content and channels.

How Do We Do It?

Full Resolution Video Scalability

Streamed Cross- platform

We’ve reduced the headache of choosing between various video formats to stream across different operating platforms. Now, low performance devices could yield full resolution video with minimum software updates. SimulTV is compatible with most browsers on PC,/MAC, smart phones, tablet and game consoles adding to this we now have our custom made Set Top Box that comes with over 500 video games.

This year alone...

For 2018, we are looking at 70+ channels worldwide and 20 of which are exclusive to Simul-TV. We have secured extensive library of over 4500+ foreign and domestic Video-On-Demand (VOD) titles.

With special vendor partnerships and joint ventures, we have a potential marketing reach 192 million viewers this year. Our commercials will be seen by 32 million households (HH) at least 3 times an hour 24/7 for 3 months. Print ads will reach 2 million a day with at least 30 min viewing per reader. One magazine has a monthly penetration of over 10 million readers in 129 countries.

A major telecommunications expo has our CEO as a headlining speaker at their 2018 Expo in September. SimulTV has a number of live events throughout the year both exclusive and shared. Examples of these include The Tokyo International Film Festival, NYCC, AX, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

If You Would Like To Become A Distributor, Please Contact Us.