July 2, 2020 at 5:00 AM CDT

SELMA, VA / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2020 / WORLDWIDE is the word that paints a
thousand pictures of SIMULTV on the broad canvas of the entertainment
streaming universe. Currently live-streaming more than 130 channels in several
languages, SIMULTV leverages cross-platform technology such as Over-The-Air
(OTA) and Over-The-Top (OTT) broadcasting to ensure quality family
entertainment via TVs, Smart TVs, tablets, computers, and mobile phones, to
literally every corner of the Earth. SIMULTV is also found on Rabbit TV,
Rabbit TV Plus, and will soon be seen on ROKU. In addition, the multinational
conglomerate company Philips is releasing 18 million new Smart TVs including
the SIMULTV app. Investing several years and millions of dollars in
up-to-the-minute technology, infrastructure, and media content, SIMULTV is
commanding a lead around the globe.

SIMULTV CEO Steven Turner sums it up by saying " We recently added 25 new
channels, a few are Korean (with Chinese channels to be added soon) to our
full-spectrum channel line-up; and another 50 will be added by the end of the
year. We offer native-language packages to accommodate our global audience.
Moreover, SIMULTV provides viewers with genre-based customized channels; for
example our world-renown Kid's channels include Kid Central and Battery Pop,
Fantasy and Sci-Fi channels include Mythos and Dimensions, our Horror and
Suspense channels include Thrillerz and Ready Set Action, and our Comedy
channels include Funnybone and Slap Tech, to name a few."

However, there's much more to this unfolding story. "As a keynote speaker and
Advisory Board Member of Telecoms World Middle East" Turner states, "I have my
finger on the pulse of television's future. TWME is a major conference
platform for leaders of the telecommunications industry where telecom
operators meet and discuss the latest developments transforming the telecoms
industry, such as 5G networks, AI, and automation. We discuss strategy,
innovation and partnerships for the Telecoms Ecosystem".

In June Steven Turner co-hosted a global Telecoms World Middle East webinar
entitled The Future of Streaming Services: Continuing to Drive the Streaming
Boom. The webinar in its entirety may be seen here

Rion Breslin, Telecoms World Middle East 2020 Conference Manager states "I
have worked alongside Steven in preparation for Telecoms World Middle East
2020, a prominent event in the telecoms industry here in Dubai. Steven offered
amazing insights into the future of streaming services on our webinar series
and offered excellent feedback as a member of our Advisory Board. I look
forward to working with Steven to deliver a successful virtual event on the
13th - 14th of October!"


SimulTV is an OTT, OTA, and IPTV network founded as a division of Interconnect
Media Network Systems by CEO Steven Turner in 2011, currently broadcasting
more than 130 live channels worldwide with up to 4k quality. Streaming videos,
thousands of movies and Videos On Demand, as well as popular channels
including Sony Movie Channel, GetTV, Bloomberg News, InfoWars, HDNet, AXSTV,
CineSony, Kid Central, Mythos, The X Zone, Battery Pop, Thrillerz, Euronews,
and over a hundred more channels.

SimulTV also offers a Set Top Box (not required for subscription) which is
small enough to fit in a back pocket, enabling viewers to take it with them on
the road anywhere in the world. A subscription also provides the ability to
connect two additional devices - a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or
television. SimulTV apps are free in the Google Play and Apple App Store.


Entering its fifteenth consecutive year in Dubai, Telecoms World Middle East
is the go to event for CxOs from across the technology, media, and telecom
(TMT) industry who want to learn how technology, innovation, variation and
partnerships can transform and diversify the future of TMT. Providing the
platform for the entire telecoms ecosystem to debate, discuss and develop
ideas within the industry, Telecoms World Middle East 2020 brings more
trending content, more panel discussions, and over 200 leading global speakers
from MNOs, MVNOs, OTTs, suppliers, vendors and the wider TMT industry.


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