November 23, 2021 at 06:00 AM EST

SELMA, VA / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2021 / With a strong emphasis on the Second Amendment, SimulTV’s 2A Network provides focus on the United States Bill of Rights and the Constitution. SimulTV-2A Network Productions proudly announces Foundations of Liberty, a riveting new half-hour series revealing critical facts about the United States Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other American foundational government documents which guarantee unprecedented human freedoms. Foundations of Liberty reveals the principles upon which the founding fathers established the Constitution, and specifically the philosophies that they embraced as they wrote this document.

Foundations of Liberty is sponsored by Veterans in Defense of Liberty (VIDOL), a national advocacy group of veterans dedicated to restoring and sustaining the original moral and constitutional principles of our Republic. Executive Director Dr. Wm. Scott Magill states, “Please support American veterans who are still defending and supporting our Constitution. Watch the new Foundations of Liberty series and study the Constitution! You can help save America for generations to come.”

Darin Chappell, Foundations of Liberty host adds, “The United States Constitution is the bedrock of our society. Failure to understand its principles leaves our nation at risk of losing our very identity. For this reason, I am proud to be associated with Foundations of Liberty, SimulTV’s 2A Network, and Veterans in Defense of Liberty, as we work to hold on to the soul of our nation”.

Public education and awareness of facts is the goal of the Foundations of Liberty series, according to Executive Producer Jonathan Reed. “Many of the divisive problems in our nation today are due to most Americans not knowing or understanding our Constitution. For example it’s mind-numbing to hear people, even our supposedly educated politicians, talk about the United States as being a ‘democracy’. We’re not a democracy at all. History taught the founding fathers to avoid building a democracy like the Greeks had regrettably done centuries before. Instead the founders wisely created the United States of America as a free Republic. What’s the difference? Watch the series to understand the vast importance of the differences. It’s fascinating!”

Foundations of Liberty may be seen on the 2A Network channel on SimulTV. Visit for further information about how you can watch, learn, and understand the Foundations of Liberty.


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