TIFFCOM 2018, Tokyo, Japan

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TIFFCOM was a great success and we are very happy to announce our partnership with Impleo – Contents Production Company in Japan. We are working with Impleo to bring a new channel to SimulTV called Indie Japan and along with it up to 4 other channels for a total of 5 new Japanese only channels exploring everything from food to variety shows, movies, documentaries and even Anime to the rest of the world. These channels will be especially exciting and great for the 1.2 million Japanese people who live in the United States and the 1.5 million Japanese people living in Brazil, not to mention all other parts of the world so they can have a part of home in their current home.

These channels will also feature live news broadcasts from their region without interruption and with local commercials in the broadcast. We hope these new channels will provide not only a look inside of the wonderful world of Japan but also provide a feeling a home to all of those Japanese people living abroad in other parts of the world. These new channels will be branded by SimulTV and ready for launch by the end of 2018.

Please enjoy these photos of our CEO Steven Turner and CMO Clay Pruzinsky with various potential partners for the new Japanese channels.

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