SimulTV Set Top Box


*Depending on Territory, for a limited time only.

Set Top Box by SimulTV


*Depending on Territory, for a limited time only.

Watch the greatest live content and access a growing VOD library by having your own SimulTV Set Top Box in your living room or bedroom. Turn your smartphone into a game remote and play! We have over 500 games for you.

What can I do with my Set Top Box?

Google Play 
You can download your favorite application and use your TV like SET TV via SET TOP BOX.

the SET TOP BOX to the HDMI input of SimulTV TV using the included HDMI cable. (If you do not have HDMI input on your TV, please prepare a conversion cable separately.)

Since the game usage fee is included in the purchase price, there is nothing to be charged at the time of using the games. You can download and play your favorite games at your disposal (Internet connection is required when downloading games). Please purchase the controller separately when using the game. (You can purchase it at your local home appliance store) (You can use a controller with USB connection, 802.11 wireless controller, mouse, keyboard) Or you can use your smartphone as a controller (with some exceptions) .

Internet (Youtube, Google search etc) 
You can use the Internet by connecting the attached remote control, or separately a USB keyboard and mouse. Regarding the use of NETFLIX, please contract separately.

My File Folder
You can download MP3’s and MP4’s to your SET TOP BOX so you can watch movies or listen to music on your television.

The SET TOP BOX is small and lightweight (400 g) so it is easy to carry. You can use it at home, office, travel destination etc. anytime and anywhere there is a television and internet. You can easily fit it into your back pocket.

Because it is WORLDWIDE you can take it with you anywhere and view the same channels, VOD and great content and gaming without worrying about any restrictions.

USB memory, microSD card installable


Additional information

Weight .881 oz
Dimensions 4.875 × 4.625 × .625 in
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