INM Systems supplies 11 English language channels to Globecast for distribution on Indonesian mobile TV platform OONA TV

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Virginia-based telecommunications company Interconnect Media Network (IMN) Systems announces that it has supplied 11 English language channels to Globecast for carriage on the Indonesian mobile TV platform OONA. The English-language channels, which are on air, bring high-quality content to 135 million viewers in Indonesia.

The programming offers a mix of sports, drama, action and children’s shows. The channels include: SoundEmerge, Lifestyle Channel, SciFi Dimensions, Ready, Set, Action, Kartoon Festival, Kid Central, Spydar TV, Cowboy Theater, Comedy Channel, The ‘X’ Zone, The Syndicate Channel

Globecast is a global media solutions provider that helps customers to manage content and to deliver it wherever, however and whenever required.

Steven Turner, CEO and Founder of IMN Systems, commented, “To unite the world, we don’t see borders for our service, we have a world view and the world can view us anywhere and anytime. With partners like Globecast, we are stronger together and our reach extends to the ends of the earth.”

Natalie Rouse, Vice President of Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution (CAAD) at Globecast, commented, “We’re delighted that OONA’s Indonesian subscribers have a variety of fresh programming to choose from, thanks to IMN Systems’ keen ability to provide high quality entertainment to such an emerging and important market like Indonesia. This project is a great step forward in our trajectory to build out our CAAD business around the globe and provide our customers with innovative content for today’s multi-platform, multiscreen world.”

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